Midwest Ministry Development

…helping ministers find direction in their ministry

Midwest and Southwest Ministry Development are part of the Ministry Development Network, an ecumenical, church owned service whose mission is to strengthen and care for persons in ministry.  


“The report both informed us of —–‘s situation and greatly affirmed many of our conclusions about his situation. To me, it (the report) was clear, to the point and done in a very user friendly way. This is the first time we have used your service and are very appreciative of your work.”   LG, Executive Minister
“I wanted to tell you, again, how much I appreciate the group session.  I’ve been actively putting some of the principles into practice, and am already noticing a difference in my stress level.  You all are simply amazing at what you do.”    MK, Candidate for Ministry
WOW. What an awesome weekend retreat, caring and sharing in a meaningful and authentic way. Everyone loves the “ideal” church; what’s hard and essential is loving the “real” church even as messy as it is.  Thank you so much for sharing your time and insights.”   Clergy Support Group Participant.
Mission Statement:
The Ministry Development Network is an ecumenical, church-related resource organization whose mission is to strengthen and care for ministry leadership in the church at the local and regional level.

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