Sooner or later there will come a time in your life as a church professional when you will need someone to talk to, to check things out with, to help you take that next step in your professional growth and development. A Coach is someone who can help you do that.
Midwest Ministry Development provides coaching services to pastors as an extension of our regular programs in order to help clergy continue their personal and professional development.
With your Coach, you will…
.  agree on the specific issues you want to address or changes you want to make.
.  make concrete plans to address these issues or changes.
.  meet on a regularly scheduled basis over an agreed period of time in order to monitor your progress and to revise your plans, as needed.
.  work to develop and practice the tools you will need to meet the challenges faced in ministry today and in the future.
Use Coaching when…
.  you want help in dealing with a particular issue or developing a particular skill in your ministry.
.  your judicatory executive suggests to you that such assistance will help you address a particular problem or developmental need that you have identified.
Midwest provides coaches who have experience in ministry as well as years of counseling pastors through crises. Coaching appointments occur by telephone or in person at our offices. Contact one of our offices for current fees for this service.