Crossings®: A Planned Program For Employment
Crossings is a program for persons in transition from the work of ordained ministry and other church professions to the ministry of secular work.
Crossings’ goal is to assist the person in defining and securing satisfying employment, employment that is an expression of that person’s values, interests, skills, experience, and favored gifts.
The program has the flexibility to accommodate the variety of reasons leading a person to this transition. The individual may believe it is in his/her best interest to pursue a new vocational direction. This decision may come through prayerful consideration of God’s intention, through frustration and “burn-out,” or the initiative of church leaders. Crossings exists to provide support for a change in vocational direction.
The initial meeting will focus on the important needs and tasks in a move from one vocation to another. The individual’s grief process will be an important part of this session. Counseling and the use of appropriate inventories enable Crossings to meet the particular circumstances of the client. The first meeting establishes an individually tailored plan for the balance of the program.
The length of the Crossings program is negotiated individually with each client.  Arrangements may be made for anywhere from hourly sessions to a full four-day program, which is usually spread over two to six weeks. Depending on need, participants will develop a specific plan for the job search, gain knowledge of the employment “system,” and learn strategies for job interviewing. They will create a marketable resume, and, gain skills helpful in carrying out a successful job search.
Individualized follow-up can be part of the Crossings program. While not encouraging dependency, the consultant understands the difficulty of the job search and the need for additional suggestions and encouragement on occasion. Therefore, the consultant remains available for support during the employment search.
Changing vocational directions can be a traumatic time of anxiety and stress or an exciting time for self-examination and renewal. Change always provides opportunity, and Crossings exists to translate that opportunity into new “ministry.” Crossings provides the understanding, support, and confidence to begin anew one’s journey toward satisfying work.