Executive Search Consultation

Executive Search Assistance

Midwest Ministry Development Service provides Executive Search Assistance for judicatories, churches, or other not-for-profit organizations. We work closely with the organization that is in the search process in order to understand the nature of the position that is being offered and the desired qualities in the new hire. Typically, organizations do their own initial screening and then arrange for several “finalists” to be interviewed by Midwest Ministry Development.
We have a range of inventories that we can incorporate into an executive search process:
– Instruments that measure psychological health
– Instruments that identify emotional intelligence
– Instruments that identify personality style and work style
– Instruments that focus on leadership style and approach to conflict
In addition to a battery of inventories, the counselor from Midwest will conduct an in-depth interview to explore the implications of the inventories and gain greater clarity regarding the likely strengths, vulnerabilities and growing edges of a candidate. Following the interview, the counselor will report to the organization (orally, in writing, or both) on the results of the assessment.
It has been our experience that this process has been very useful in helping organizations focus their search and find truly excellent candidates for their positions. In addition, candidates universally report that they find the consultation helpful in clarifying their own vocational gifts and direction.
Please contact our office for the current program fee.