Health & Excellence In Ministry -Workshop Format

Health And Excellence:  A Model For Ministry
This two-day intensive workshop is designed to transform the quality and impact of the ministries and lives of its participants. For almost four decades, Midwest has been learning much from a remarkable group of individuals in ministry who strikingly seem to demonstrate the qualities of health and excellence in their everyday behavior. In observing these patterns of behavior in successful ministry, we have found some surprisingly consistent (and little talked about) patterns that form the basis of this workshop. Throughout the workshop a very specific model or approach to excellence, both in the practice of ministry and in self-care, is developed.
Excellence is treated not as a far-off destination, but as a continuous, consistent way of being that anyone can choose to enter at any time. The workshop begins by considering some compelling reasons why pursuing excellence is critically important to ministry right at this time of our “season of disrespect.” In relation to excellence the aim of the workshop for its participants is to generate understanding, foster a deep and effective commitment, and provide tools for skill building. 
The workshop includes a process of looking in-depth at self-care, with each participant making a detailed self-assessment and working with the help and support of staff and peers on changes and new beginnings. Many links are drawn between effectively loving oneself and excellence in the work of ministry. The core of the model of the workshop is found in two basic “starting points” for every action, every moment of ministry—maybe even every moment of life. In the words of one person, “These starting points change everything.” 
Once the starting points have been comprehended, the workshop becomes very practical. For example, very specific directions follow on such matters as how to deal with gossip, how to respond to criticism, and how to build a solid trust relationship with lay leaders in the congregation. Participants are given the opportunity to bring the model into their own contexts, designing their own applications in the process of transforming their ways of viewing and working with their particular challenges.
The issue of sustaining excellence is also addressed in the workshop.
The importance of ongoing coaching and accountability are discussed. One component describes the process of becoming your own coach, and outlines a process of accountability that goes far beyond the usual discussion of that term.
Continuing education credits are available. For more information, contact Midwest Ministry Development Service, (614) 442 8822 .