Ministry & Life Visioning

Track 1: Ministry and Life Visioning 
Participants in the Ministry and Life Visioning program are typically self-referred. The focus of this program is on health, balance and wholeness. Inventories are only utilized as is appropriate to the client’s needs and goals. No psychological assessment or time with a psychologist is involved. 
The program provides opportunity and structure for guided personal reflection.  The client may wish to:
. Find meaning and direction in their ministry.
. Identify strengths and weaknesses they bring to work.
. Outline personal and professional vision and goals for their future.
. Explore ways to pursue the vision and achieve the goals in a manner that is consistent with who they are and what they bring to ministry.
Extended time is spent with the counselor processing issues and needs related to career and life direction within the context of the realities the client faces. Inventory data will be used to foster greater self-awareness of personality style, behavior patterns, and vocational interests related to work and life direction. Strengths and weaknesses will be explored, and clients will be assisted in developing an action plan for personal and professional development related to their overall life goals. Spouses are strongly encouraged to participate. 
No report is prepared at the conclusion of this program; however, the client is encouraged to keep a personal journal during their program in which they reflect on learning, insights and issues addressed. This exercise generates a reflective record of their time at the Center which can be reviewed and built on after their program is completed. 
Note: the Ministry and Life Visioning program is often utilized by clergy groups who may be engaged in self-exploration or exploring a particular clergy issue. With the group process, continuing education credits may be granted if appropriate and requested.