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Article Title
. Boundaries Revisited MS WordPDF

. Shepherding The Shepherds MS WordPDF

. The Pastor As Person MS WordPDF

. Letting Go: Setting Boundaries in Retirement and Former Parishes WORD — PDF

. Are Women Clergy Changing the Nature and Practice of Ministry? WORDPDF

. Staying In Bounds: Professional Boundaries for Clergy WORD — PDF

. Shadow Dancing: Life as a Clergy Spouse WORD — PDF

. The Enneagram and the Spiritual Journey WORD — PDF

. Setting Limits: The Flip-Side of the Boundary Issue WORD — PDF

. Do Career Centers Have Anything to Offer Minorities in Ministry? WORD — PDF

. If the Whole Body Were an Eye, Where Would be the Hearing? WORD — PDF

. Bi-Vocational Pastors: A Research Report WORD — PDF

. Pastoral Care vs. Professional Counseling: Discerning the Differences WORD — PDF

. A Tale of Two Models: Discerning Gifts for Ordained Ministry WORD — PDF

. Spiritual Formation for Ministry WORD — PDF