Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning (AutumnQuest)
Midwest Ministry Development is as committed to helping pastors begin their careers well through our candidate assessment programs as we are to helping pastors finish well. Retirement planning is a vital part of life planning for persons in ministry and their spouses. For many clergy, ministry is a way of life—it is part of their identity. Therefore, retirement has a way of challenging and disorienting one’s deepest sense of self as well as one’s primary relationships. The AutumnQuest program is designed to assist pastors and their spouses in making a healthy transition to retirement.
AutumnQuest is a two-day program to assist clergy and their spouses with retirement planning. Our purpose is to help explore options, prepare for a meaningful, enjoyable retirement and set good boundaries in retirement. The program helps one to anticipate, plan and shape retirement. Topics include:
. Discover a fresh mission in life
. Form one’s own unique definition of retirement
. Explore new ways of balancing work, leisure, and learning
. Consider geographical options and lifestyle preferences
. Evaluate financial resources and needs
. Explore emotional factors that impact adjustment to retirement
. Anticipate the dynamic nature and stages of retirement
The program is open to
. Individuals
. Couples
. Groups of ministers and their spouses
The program is designed for guided personal reflection using selected inventories and both group and couple exercises and discussions. Group programs are most frequently conducted in conjunction with judicatory pension boards, who review financial matters with the clergy.
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