Seminary Assessments – Master’s Degree Programs

Assessments For Incoming Seminary Students 
Midwest Ministry Development provides assessments for incoming seminary students. These assessments are intended to serve a dual purpose: 1) the seminary gains a clearer sense of the strengths, vulnerabilities and growing edges of its students; and 2) students develop increased self-understanding and are able to identify the personal growth they need to pursue in their preparation for excellence in ministry.
These assessments, while not at the same level of depth as our standard candidate for ordination assessments, identify issues that will be important in the personal formation process which occurs during the student’s years in seminary. Testing includes the MMPI-2 and a projective test, the results of which are reviewed by a consulting psychologist for evidence of any psychological difficulties. The Myers-Briggs Type Inventory – Step II is used to identify the personality style the seminarian will bring to ministry. Some seminaries have requested that additional inventories be incorporated, such as the Strong Interest Inventory and the Intercultural Development Inventory.
In addition to the testing, the seminary assessment includes a two-hour group process (with a maximum of five group members) and a one-hour individual interview with each member. This design enables the counselor to observe the interpersonal style and skill of the members in the group experience, as well as to privately explore issues that may not be appropriate for the group conversation. The counselor closes the interview with a summary of the main issues which have been identified and our recommendations for the seminarian’s preparation for ministry. The counselor prepares a written report of one to two pages summarizing the findings and offering specific recommendations for growth.
In our experience, most students find that this assessment process significantly enhances their self-understanding and gives them a realistic view of what they need to do to prepare for ministry. In many cases, students express relief that important issues have been identified and that they have “permission” to get necessary help. Seminary deans report that our assessments have been very valuable in designing personal growth plans for their students. They have used these plans as a way of checking-in with their students over the course of their seminary years.
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