Track 3 Intensive Assessment

Track 3: Intensive Assessment
Intensive Assessment is a resource for church judicatories dealing with clergy in crisis such as:
. alleged misconduct (e.g., ethical, sexual, or financial)
. extreme stress reactions, disruptive anger, irrational behavior/personality change
. persistent patterns of conflict, relationship difficulties, or professional failure
. chronic unrealistic self-perception or expectations of others
The goal of the program is to answer the critical questions that judicatory raise in regard to the referee and to provide information that will help judicatories determine the potential for rehabilitation, treatment options, placement indicators, and/or outplacement.
A referral from a judicatory or denominational official or committee is necessary for this program. The judicatory must be provided to Midwest a written statement outlining assessment issues and delineating pertinent questions to be answered during the course of the program. We also require a signed release by the pastor at the commencement of the program granting permission to communicate with and provide information and recommendations to his or her referring judicatory representative.
Intensive Assessment features…
. expanded battery of psychological inventories, with more focus on characterological issues
. extended time with a psychologist and career counselor
. enhanced communication between the judicatory and counselor
. opportunity for pastor’s spouse to participate and receive counseling
Completion of pre-program materials is required and the actual program is three full days. 
Upon completion, in addition to communication with the counselor during the program, the referring judicatory representative receives…
. a comprehensive evaluation report
. answers to the pertinent questions submitted
. client-specific recommendations which may include (but are not limited to) recommendations regarding treatment
. future viability for employment,
. immediate steps  for intervention 
. suggestions for the care of others affected by the crisis
Strategic follow-up with family and/or congregational systems can be arranged upon request.